Plazaola Nature Trail Greenway

Plazaola Nature Trail Greenway

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From Navarre to Gipuzkoa through the most unspoiled areas of Leitzaran

The Larraun and Leitzaran valleys are a veritable natural sanctuary dotted with country houses. Between their leafy hillsides of beech and oak, a small narrow gauge railway “La Plazaola” used to snake tirelessly between Pamplona and San Sebastián-Donostia until the mid-20th century. Today its spectacular route features rehabilitated stations and numerous tunnels, among which is the Uitzi Tunnel, at 2.7 km the longest tunnel on all the greenways in Europe. In addition, the extention to Pamplona and its conection with the Bidasoa Greenway makes it an essential greenway.

  • Location: Between Pamplona/Iruña (Navarre) and Andoain (Gipuzkoa. Euskadi)
  • Length: 77,2 km, 55,6 km in Navarre and 21,6 km in Gipuzkoa (Euskadi)
  • Type of surface: Mostly compacted earth
    • Some inclines between Erice de Iza and Aizkorbe. Suitable with a few limitations (some slopes) in the rest of the itinerary
  • Services: Rental bikes
  • Recommendations:
    • Carry lighting and warm clothing. In the Navarre section alone there are 19 tunnels! Many have lighting but it pays to be prepared
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The Plazaola Nature Trail Greenway forms part of the EuroVelo 1–Ederbidea route that, in Navarre, links the Bidasoa and Plazaola Greenways with a signposted itinerary approximately 90 km long.

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