Irati Greenway

Irati Greenway

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A surprising route through the Foz de Lumbier Nature Reserve

This trail follows the path of an old narrow gauge railway which used to run between Pamplona and Sangüesa. Today it is a delightful trail through one of the most beautiful places in Navarre, the Foz de Lumbier Nature Reserve. To enjoy it at leisure, unhurriedly, is a gift for the senses. And its future is promising, since work has already begun on the recovery of another 50 km of the original route.

  • Location: Between Liédena and Lumbier
  • Length: 6,4 km
  • Tipo de firme: Compacted earth
    • User-friendly with some limitations (gravel)
  • Recommendations:
    • Carry binoculars to enjoy the Foz de Lumbier Nature Reserve to the full

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